Liposuction – also referred to as body sculpting or body styling – is the permanent removal of unwanted fat deposits.


The distribution of fat in the human body is mainly determined by genetics and only partially by diet. The genetic constitution determines the number and individual distribution of fat cells in the body. These fat cells are formed especially during puberty and change in the years thereafter due to hormonal influences, such as during pregnancy or menopause. Special, individual fat distributions can occur, such as disproportionately pronounced fat pads in the buttocks and/or on the upper and lower legs in women. Men develop abdominal fat or “man boobs” due to changes in their testosterone levels. Diet or exercise may reduce the fat mass in each fat cell, but they have no effect on the distribution of the fat cells. Annoying cushions of fat that neither sport nor diet can make disappear often remain.

The best way to remove stubborn fat deposits is through liposuction. Liposuction gives the best results compared to non-invasive procedures, such as cryolipolysis or fat-dissolving injections.

The procedure

Liposuction is performed by us on an outpatient basis and under local anaesthesia (so-called tumescent anaesthesia). We often recommend an additional sedation anaesthetic, a so-called twilight sleep. The duration of the procedure is between 2-5 hours, depending on the area being treated. After the tumescent anaesthesia has taken effect, the fat deposits are suctioned out with a cannula. With this practically side-effect-free, painless and safe method, the results are visible immediately.


After the operation, you will remain in our clinic for at least 2-3 hours for monitoring, after which you may be collected. The first check-up will take place the next day, when you will be fitted with compression garments. After the operation, physical exertion, especially rapid and strenuous movements, should be avoided. The skin stitches are generally removed after about two weeks. During the following 4-6 weeks, you will wear a compression bandage both during the day and at night, which supports the healing process and additionally optimises the contour of the treated areas. You should also not do any exercise during this time.

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