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The skin is the largest organ of the human body. That is why it is so important that the skin remains healthy, is properly cared for and professionally treated. We are committed to your healthy and beautiful skin with all our expertise and experience.

Your place for well-being and skin health

People who feel good in their own skin are more confident and make a stronger impression. At Dermis, we believe that everyone has the right to beautiful and healthy skin. And we are proud to be able to help our patients achieve this goal day after day.

As one of only eight “C-clinics” (C stands for certified centre for continuing education) in Switzerland, ever year, we train several medical assistants and familiarise them with the conscientious and attentive philosophy of our dermatology clinic. With us, empathy is highly valued and we try to fulfil the wishes of our patients as gently and minimally invasively as possible. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our dermatology clinics and providing you with individual advice. We will be happy to take time for you, answer your questions or arrange a personal appointment with you.

Frau mit schöner Haut nach einer dermatologischen Behandlung in Zürich
"I want to improve the lives of my patients – only when they are happy am I happy."

Dr. med. Sabine Bruckert,
Founder and medical director of the Dermis Dermatology Clinic

Our credo

Medical excellence for all
Cordiality on an equal footing
Holistic thinking and acting

Before using treatments to visually beautify the skin, the largest organ of the body must be healthy. That is why our focus is primarily on dermatology, allergology and medicine: the treatment of skin cancer, eczema, inflammatory diseases, such as psoriasis, acne, atopic diseases (such as neurodermatitis) and also the treatment of autoimmune diseases are part of the core competence of our dermatology clinic. After we have ensured that your skin is healthy, we provide a wide range of aesthetic dermatology and surgical options. Our doctors conduct a thorough consultation to help you choose the best treatment for your individual needs.


It's about your beauty. Nothing less.

As we all know, the elasticity of the skin and eyelid muscles decreases over the years. This can lead to heavier eyelids, eye bags, drooping eyelids and age-related wrinkles. Your facial expression looks tired and exhausted – even if you are full of energy. With an eyelid correction or eyelid lift procedure, you can make your eye area shine again, make it look fresh and vibrant and thus rejuvenate your appearance with a naturally beautiful result.

Along with breast augmentation, liposuction and the treatment of wrinkles, eyelid lifting is one of the most frequently requested procedures in our dermatology clinics in Zurich and Bad Ragaz. Whether you are interested in an upper eyelid lift, lower eyelid lift or combined eyelid lift – thanks  to many years of specialist experience and state-of-the-art techniques, the risks of this operation are very low. A small operation with a big visual effect!

Our medical cosmetic treatments provide relaxation: whether skin analysis, peels or microneedling – our experienced beauticians will pamper you with everything your heart desires – and your skin needs.

Always at the cutting edge – for your well-being

We support progress in science and focus on innovations – whether this related to treatment methods or medical equipment and technical standards. This allows us to not only improve your comfort during the application itself, but also to optimise the results.