Dr. med. Rahel Bianchi

Assistant doctor


German, English


General dermatology and venereology

Studium & Laufbahn

  • Medical studies at the University of Zurich
  • Assistant Doctor Internal Medicine Affoltern Hospital 2020-2021
  • Assistant Doctor Allergology University Hospital Basel 2021-2022
  • Assistant physician DERMIS Skin Clinic From 2022

Meine Vision

The skin is the mirror of the whole life with all its experiences. It carries these to the outside. Diseases of the skin are all the more drastic. Beautiful skin is therefore first and foremost healthy skin, but also skin that radiates joie de vivre, energy and freshness. To achieve this, it is important to perceive the skin of each patient individually and to support it accordingly.

Dermatologie/Chirurgie mit Leidenschaft

I enjoy my work as a dermatologist very much. As the largest organ of the body, the importance of the skin is often only recognised when it becomes diseased. It is therefore not only important to me to advise patients on the best therapy in the event of a disease and to work out the best treatment option together, but also to support the skin preventively and through optimal skin care. It is always fascinating to see what our skin is capable of with the appropriate dermatological support.

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