Thread lifting (Silhouette® and Aptos®)

Thread lifting is a very efficient, minimally invasive and gentle method of tightening the facial skin. It involves threads being inserted into the skin under local anaesthesia, which exert a pull in the desired direction and tighten the skin.


Thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure for skin tightening without surgical intervention. A thread lift can be performed on the face, neck or body. Threads, which have small hooks, are inserted under the skin (dermis) through a fine cannula. The hooks then grab the skin from below and pull it upwards to bring it back into a tightened position.

The dermis consists mainly of connective tissue fibres and is responsible for nourishing and supporting the skin. It contains essential skin components (hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin) that are responsible for the structure and elasticity of the skin.

The absorbable filaments form an internal network in the skin, which causes an inflammatory response that attracts platelets and neutrophils and stimulates fibroblasts. This mechanism promotes the growth of blood vessels and the production of collagen and elastin. Meanwhile, the skin’s defence mechanism recognises the insertion of the sutures as an injury and stimulates the healing process, resulting in physical collagenogenesis, which in turn smoothes out superficial wrinkles and tightens the skin. The result of collagen stimulation thus improves the outcome of the thread lift.

The main advantages of a thread lift are firstly the impressive and immediate results of smoothing wrinkles, and secondly the painless and minimally invasive procedure which requires no incisions, ensuring an immediate return to everyday life.


Firstly, the areas where the thread lift is to be performed are determined. The threads are then inserted into the dermis of the skin, at a specific depth and in a specific direction, using a thin atraumatic needle. The immediate tightening of your skin is achieved with the thread lift by anchoring bi-directional hooks that secure the threads in the dermis and tighten them.
The material of the threads is fully biocompatible, biodegradable and is completely absorbed by the body within 3-6 months. The procedure thus leaves no traces on and in the skin. For even better results, this treatment is combined with a liquid facelift and toxin treatments.
The thread lift achieves a facelift through two effects. Firstly, the mechanical tightening effect of the threads and secondly, the stimulation of the body’s own collagen production, which has a rejuvenating effect on the overall appearance of the skin.

Treatment procedure


A thread lift is a very good alternative for patients with slightly sagging skin who do not yet wish to undergo invasive surgery, such as a face lift. Thread lifting is therefore considered to be particularly gentle. For many patients, thread lifting is very attractive because of these advantages and the immediate results. In addition, the threads can be used to smooth wrinkles and tighten different parts of the body.


A thread lift is usually performed on an outpatient basis. In preparation for the procedure, the areas to be treated are disinfected with alcohol and the skin is anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic.


Only a local anaesthetic is needed. A thread lift is minimally invasive and therefore painless.


Threads are inserted under the skin with a thin needle or cannula. The thread lift can take 30 to 45 minutes. After the threads are inserted, the insertion method is removed. You may only feel a slight pressure or pulling under the skin.


The cost of thread lifting depends on the individual level of service.

After the treatment

A few minutes after the needles have been removed, the procedure is complete and you can return to your normal daily routine.

Frequently asked questions

Am I a candidate for a thread lift?

The thread lift method is painless, minimally invasive and therefore requires no incisions in the skin. The treatment is aimed at patients with obvious, initial effects of slight ageing, slight sagging and superficial, fine wrinkles in the skin. An important prerequisite for thread lifting is also that the skin is not too thick or thin. Thread lifting does not replace surgical face lifting, but it is a very good alternative for patients with slightly sagging skin who do not want to undergo invasive surgery.

How long does the effect of a thread lift last?

The threads used in a thread lift usually dissolve by themselves after 3-6 months and are thus absorbed by the body. However, the newly formed collagen structure (as a reaction of the tissue to the thread lift) remains for longer. This also determines the extent and durability of the result. The result of a thread lift therefore fades after about a year – the treatment can, however, be repeated without any problems if necessary.Are there any side effects?

Most reactions are generally minimal and temporary. Swelling and, in rare cases, mild bruising can be expected after treatment, but these should disappear within a few days. However, most patients experience little or no reaction after a thread lift.

Are there any side effects to a thread lift?

After thread lift treatment, there may be some mild oedema and rarely bruising, but this will gradually subside over the next few days. A certain feeling of tension may occur in the treated area over the next few days.

How long does it take to see results?

The beauty of a minimally invasive thread lift is that the results are visible immediately after the procedure. Although the treatment itself is not permanent, it is certainly long-lasting with very little to no downtime.

Are there any side effects to a thread lift?

After thread lift treatment, there may be some mild oedema and rarely bruising, but this will gradually subside over the next few days. A certain feeling of tension may occur in the treated area over the next few days.

What do I need to bear in mind after the thread lift?

After completion of the thread lift treatment, you can resume your activities as usual, but you should not do any sports or other strenuous activities for the first 2-3 days after the treatment.

Can I also have the thread lift performed on other parts of the body?

Yes, a thread lift is also suitable for skin tightening without invasive surgery on other parts of the body. In addition to the face, thread lifting is also performed very successfully and frequently on the neck. But also on other parts of the body, where a slight tightening of the skin and tissue is necessary, such as a tightening on the abdomen or even on the arms, knees, inner thighs or buttocks.