Intimate surgery – labial reduction

An enlargement of the labia after major weight fluctuations, pregnancies or simply your own aesthetic perception can awaken the desire for a correction or reduction of the labia.


Labia that are too large or long can also be a problem when exercising (e.g. cycling, horse riding) or when wearing tight trousers. Another reason for wanting an operation in the genital area is functional impairment during sexual intercourse. The invagination of the labia minora, which are too large, can cause severe pain.

The procedure

A labial reduction involves excess skin or mucous membrane being removed from the labia minora, with the edges of the incision closed with fine, self-dissolving sutures. It is important to know exactly how to make the incision, which must be chosen based on a patient’s individual anatomy in order to achieve a perfect result. The operation is ideally performed in a short, twilight sleep. Treatment under local anaesthetic is possible, but rather unpleasant and not recommended by us. A labiaplasty is generally an uncomplicated procedure and relatively low-risk for an experienced surgeon.


After the operation, you will stay with us for about an hour for monitoring and can then be collected by a trusted person. Initially, the tissue will swell and the scar sutures will feel hardened. Patients may also experience light bloody secretions in the first few days, but these will subside on their own. The secretions are mainly a result of the local anaesthetic. You will feel pain mainly in the first three days, during which time you should also take painkillers regularly. Plan to take a week off from business and personal activities. During the first three weeks after the operation, you should avoid going to the swimming pool, cycling and partaking in sexual intercourse. You can take a shower the day after the operation. The first check-up will take place one week after the operation, at which point you can slowly start to increase your range of motion if you are healing well.